Friday is here and I would like to say "hi" and to share a story with you.
I met Samantha a couple of years ago, when she adopted a Severina Kids one of a kind brown Frenchie that we hand knitted in a limited edition of just ten dogs.

Since then we started to follow each other on IG, exchanging messages, commenting on recipes and also our sons last year exchanged a couple of letters and drawings as pen pals.
Samantha’s lovely family is also composed by two delightful furry creatures. The youngest of them, called Moo, was adopted one year ago and she is so funny and sweet, that many times I drop a line to Samantha, because looking at Moo pictures and videos make me feel happy.

Last year, after the first Covid 19 lockdown was finished, it was the first time Moo found herself a couple of hours alone at home, something she needed to learn to do. One time she found an open door to a little paradise full of things to chew…In the lot was Hugo, the knitted Frenchie who suffered a wooly injury.

Samantha commented to me that she was about to purchase another one to keep the knitted couple her kids originally owned. But it was then that I thought that in the same way the family adopted their pets and took care of them, I could repair Hugo so he could continue living with his family.

This is how Samantha booked a plane ticket for Hugo to fly to Portugal and we were here waiting to give him a knitting surgery.
Once Hugo arrived in Porto, I repaired his wound, brushed his hair and after a little rest he was ready to go back home, where he was so missed.

I feel so lucky for having such terrific customers, and to be honest, I don't think about them as customers but as friends who I can talk to, exchange opinions and feel part of a talented and caring people's community.

Ps. follow Samantha's IG account, she is an amazing photographer with an eye for colour and detail.

Enjoy the weekend!