Founded in 2010 by Argentinian-Italian designer Alejandra Salvatore; Severina Kids is a unique artisan brand which offers beautifully handcrafted toys and objects for the young and the young at heart.


Conceived, imagined and illustrated by Alejandra then ethically handmade by Portuguese and Argentinean artisans, Severina’s objects are distributed worldwide from her studio in Porto, with each piece uniquely produced with slight variations in style and fabric making each and every piece “one of a kind”.

Architect by training, Alejandra has been living abroad for more than twenty years with her husband Nicolas and her son Mateo. She is a self-proclaimed globetrotter sharing a life of adventure and getting inspiration from all around the world.

She grew up in a creative environment. Her mother and grandmother were passionate craftswomen and from her early childhood she was surrounded by people designing, knitting and sewing. The name Severina Kids was inspired by the birthplace of Alejandra’s grandparents, Santa Severina, a small village in the South of Italy.

Preserving the environment is a priority for the brand that bases the design in the use of Natural, Organic and Recycled materials, completing the process with an ethical production. We work with GOTS certified providers and producers.

Last August 2018 Severina Kids received the JUNIORS JADA & JUNIORS DESIGN AWARDS  for best Toy & Gifts Brand and last October 2017 SMALLISH DESIGN AWARDS for Best Eco Toy Design. In 2011, Severina Kids won the MILK MAGAZINE Award for Best Toy's collection at Playtime Paris, where the brand´s debut was greatly received by the press and critics.

Welcome to the journey!