When I was a kid, in my family it was a tradition that every 8th of December we would make the Christmas tree and set up festive decorations all over the house. That day, it was official, the holiday season had just started!
Even after time passed, it still doesn't matter where in the globe we are, we keep the tradition going and we decorate our houses, we make a wreath and a "tree" that very day.
If you know me, you know that I insist on making Christmas trees without the tree :)
And this year, I did it again...

Yesterday I took a trip to the local park where I found these amazing branches that I collected in excitement. On the way back home, while biking at the speed of light to avoid the rain, this Severina Kids Christmas setup was taking form in my mind.
I made the striped vase this summer when, after many years, I reengaged with the ceramic practice and the white and black organic cotton leaves are on their way to become in other of our classics. 
I really hope you like it and gives you inspiration!

I take the opportunity to let you know the final dates to order and receive your presents in time to place them under the tree, or in my case next to it :)
Depending on the destination, we dispatch our orders through UPS or Ctt , you'll find out as soon as you complete your delivery information during the check-out.

Final dates to order are:
UPS shipments December 19th
Ctt shipments December 12th 

I'm waving to you from a cold and rainy Porto while I'm zipping a hot ginger tea. 



Ps. stay tuned, tomorrow we will post a video on our Instagram with the most amazing DIY wreath!