I love knitting.

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was seven years old, and I’ve been knitting passionately since then.

Did you know that our knitted collection is completely handmade?

There’s no machine involved in the production process of any of our knitted pieces. For example, to make a cat or a dog there are 5 people involved:

First, an artisan hand knits each piece with Argentinean Merino wool, using five needles so the pieces are seamless. It takes us almost two hours to knit a cat and three to knit a dog.

After that, an artisan hand embroiders the legs and face, using Eco-Felt, that is 100% made of recycled plastic bottles. Once embroidering is finished, the artisan gives shape to the little creature, stuffs it and hand sews the cotton label.

Meanwhile, in a tannery in the North of Portugal, another artisan makes the 100% leather collars with the scraps of bigger productions, so we recycle those pieces and transform them into fantastic pet collars.

In a stamp workshop in Buenos Aires, a terrific artisan makes the silk stamps of our cotton cats and dolls piece by piece. Using the scraps of the cotton fabric, he also stamps the labels we use in our packaging bags.

Last but not least, in a workshop an artisan sews the cotton packaging bags where our beloved hand knitted friend will reach your hands.

When buying handmade, let’s remember how many people are involved in the making of every single piece, and try to love it as much as the makers do.