I would love to tell you the story that inspired my collection "Let's travel the world".

My maternal grandparents were born in Santa Severina, a small village in the south of Italy.
In 1932 they left to Napoli to take on a ship that sailed them to Argentina. They were looking for a place where they would be able to shape their own future.  I still keep their ship ticket, my mother gave it to me and it’s my most precious treasure.

They chose Buenos Aires to settle down; the city where my mother was born and where years later she met my father, her great love.

I was also born and raised in Buenos Aires, there I met my husband Nicolas when we were 22 years old and both were studying Architecture.
In 2001, in the same way my grandparents did, we left our home country seeking to find opportunities abroad and wanting to travel the world.

We lived 10 years in Madrid, were our son Mateo was born.  Mateo was just 6 months old when he embarked on his first trip. We travelled to London because our best friends live there.

After living in Spain we moved to Saudi Arabia, we lived almost 6 years in its capital: Riyadh. Living there was an incredible and enriching experience.

During the last 3 years we've been living in Portugal. We are in love with our new slow-life style by the sea in Porto.

When you buy new toys or decorations for your kids and babies, try to select designs that have a story to tell, that are consciously produced and that have been designed and handmade with lots of love.

Hugs from a sunny Porto!


Ps. Watch a video about it here