I’m a maker

I’ve been feeling specially overwhelmed lately. On the one hand, the critical situation we are living because of the Covid-19, and on the other hand, I’m a maker not being able to make…

I was sort of paralyzed, a lot of plans, designs and things to make came across my mind, but I was not able to nail down any of them.

Today I woke up with a mix of feelings, a desire to “make” to feel more positive, productive and with a deep need of hope. I need to believe that when this is all over we won’t start acting like nothing happened and everything went back to normal. I feel it’s clear that all the marketing courses we’ve done, all the strategies we’ve studied are obsolete. I feel that if we don’t start making teams and working together, if we don't really change, it will mean that we haven't learned anything.

But I also woke up wanting to play…so I hope you like my “maker” self-portrait!!

Courage guys!