As you may know I've been a collaborator of Scimparello Magazine since Petra Barkhof launched the first issue of her fantastic magazine in the winter of 2018. Year after year I've been enjoying drawing the "Colour me"  section in the magazine. Severina Kids Fashion Blogger Dolls also became classic collaborators of Scimparello, showing in every issue the most chic looks dressed by fantastic children fashion brands.

For the last magazine issue and our brand new Severina + Scimparello section on our Website I personally shot the Fashion Blogger Dolls in the beach.

For this editorial called "Bellezze al Bagno" I imagined a sequence of activities and sets and I draw this script:

Once we decided what to shoot, I started to design the sets and we made miniatures to bring to life the images I had in my mind. We made small Cornettos, Ice-lollies, a BBQ, a kite and we printed mini Scimparello Magazines!!

With everything ready we headed to the beach, and when we crossed a square filled with the most gorgeous daisies we couldn't help to shoot the dolls crossing that amazing spot on their way to the sea.

Once in the beach all the magic began...

Yo can see the final images at Scimparello Magazine and on our Severina + Scimparello page where you can purchase the one of a kind dolls collection.