I can't believe we are already finishing the first week of November and that our Christmas shop is already open!!  I feel like it was yesterday that we were sunbathing at the beach and refreshing ourselves with fruit ice lollies :( 
But we love Christmas too! And for this year's decorations we added three pieces that represent a lot to me, as in they converge two touching subjects: "Family and Friends"

As you may know my mother and grandmother were passionate crafters, and one time they visited our family in Italy, they took the opportunity to buy fabrics, threads and other textile treasures. Between those unique finds I kept for my personal collection these embroidery threads, still in their original box, wrapped in silk paper. But the best part for me is that on the bottom of the box there is one note in my mum's handwriting, describing the content and the purchase date : 1954

Thanks to my Severina Kids journey, during the last ten years I met amazing people, and many of them became cherished friends. When in 2015 I met Karina and Vanesa from Krethaus the idea was to make a collaboration between both brands. But the connection was immediate and our "designers" relationship turned into a friendship that's being nurtured year after year till now.
We've always had the idea of making a Christmas collection together and this year I thought : What's better than customizing our House pillows collection and our garland with embroidered pine trees using my mum's threads??
The three of us fell in love with the idea, and plus I felt we were some kind of girls club embroidering together, and it turned into a touching moment for me.

I hope you love them as we do. We feel like celebrating already!
Visit our Christmas shop and discover all our festive decorations for the coming holidays :)

Sending you a hug that smells like pine tree,

Ho ho hO!