As an Argentinean-Italian, food is a very important part of my life. I love to cook for my family and friends, preparing a special menu, choosing the dishes, the cutlery and I enjoy it like a little child when decorating the table. This is why as a part of our growing collection "Let's travel the World" I wanted to introduce hand painted placemats and napkins.

I painted white linen pieces with a grid pattern and I let myself loose splattering the placemats and napkins with different kind of brushes.

I also painted two new posters, that I imagine are great to place in kitchens or dining rooms. Like in my previous series I used thick shipping paper I was recycling during the year. I loved to play with the contrast of the black acrylic paint on the cracked brown paper.

I hope you like the collection! I can't wait to see your pics featuring it in your homes, please share them with us tagging #severinakids so we can share them with our whole community. 

Bon appétit!