If you follow me on Instagram, this one could be an old story for you, but please allow me to share it anyway.

A couple of weeks ago I went to London to take part in Dot to Dot London and after that, I headed to Paris to participate in Playtime Paris.

I consider myself an organized person and in terms of taking part in professional trade shows I love to design my space with time enough to have everything under control when the day of the setup arrives.

This was not the exception, and making two shows in a row, I was obsessed with having every single detail covered.

I designed what from the very beginning I imagined as a hand drawn space. As my booth in Paris was too big, I thought I wouldn’t have the time enough to hand draw it properly onsite.

So after I’ve checked everything ,in terms of the technical issues, I illustrated my design and printed a cut out sticker (in 7 modules of 80 x 250cm) with the idea of pasting them onto the walls of my booth that were to be covered in white fabric.


The day of the setup in Paris all my nightmares about stickers that didn’t stick, came true.

I spent almost a whole hour trying to paste the first module and I realized from the very beginning that it will not paste onto the fabric properly.

For a moment I freaked out, a cold cramp run through my back and my first instinct was to start crying.

But I had not time for hesitations and I thought: I have to draw the walls; I have to return to my original idea of having a hand drawn space.

And so I did, I was five hours drawing, refilling the ink of my markers again and again. Five hours non- stop drawing.

And I enjoyed the process, I loved the result, I loved how my space came to life.

Once I relaxed, once I saw it was exactly as I imagined it, then yes; I had the time to cry.