I don't know you, but I'm here pinching myself amazed of already being amidst the Christmas countdown.
How did 2021 fly away so fast?? I have no clue...
I find myself still looking for special presents to spoil my loved ones with a very unique treat. This is why we made gift guides thinking exclusively of you, to help you find presents for the whole range ages in the family.


Let's start with our Gift Guide for Grownups, unique presents you won't find anywhere else. Follow the link  and dive into our very one of a kind selection.

Sometimes we struggle to find one of a kind handmade presents for those not "so young" kids. With our Gif Guide for Kids, we will help you with a selection for boys and girls including personalized gifts with a unique touch. 

Last but not least our perfect Gift Guide for Babies. In this guide you will find nursery toys and decorations that are absolutely unique, handmade with lot of love, for babies in the family or those about to arrive!


I hope you browse our guides and find that very special present you are still looking for :)

Feeling a little like "Santa" packing your presents, writing personalized notes and preparing the shipments, I send you a  "Oh oh Oh" under the mistletoe.

With love,