It’s time to decorate your home and get into the Christmas spirit so we are happy to share our DIY ideas with you :) using our new printable Christmas Set or why not designing and making your own one. 

First make a selection of winter foliage like eucalyptus, pine or do what I did and walk around your garden or neighborhood and see what's available and ask for a couple or branches, neighbors are always happy to share some green treasures.

I also collected small acorns, pine cones, and autumn dried finds, a lovely variety I found on the streets on my way home from yoga class.

Apart from the "catch" of the day I selected pieces that I had left from older projects like branches I collected in our beach walks, wooden beads, tan leather strips and embroidery round wooden frames.

I chose to avoid the typical red and went for a minimal Christmas look in green, tan and wooden colours. A copper wire set of little lights completed the look giving that last warm and perfect touch.

I made wooden beads garlands and hung from them tags, our organic cotton embroidered baubles, green bouquets, and I'm planning to hang different notes during December, instead of making an advent calendar. As we always travel  middle December to our home country to share Xmas with our family and friends we never make one, so this year I will hang little messages and treats from one of my wooden garlands!

I printed our printable set at home on a Munken Lynx Paper of 180gr. Check which thick paper your home printer supports and if possible select one with a little texture. Our alphabet hand painted in water ink will give a personal touch to your garlands, presents and decorations.

Take presents to the next level with special ribbons, paper cords or raffia strings.

Or keep it simple and use our printable posters to embellish a wall or a corner of your home or office. I complemented the look with a thread I made with a rounded wooden frame covered in narrow eucalyptus branches.

Hope you like the inspiration and go for your personal and unique Christmas decor!