We are happily enjoying our summer family holidays.

This year we chose to travel locally. We rented a small car and we are visiting beaches near our home in Porto or making "micro" stays in small villages in Portugal we wanted to visit for the first time.

This week we stayed 3 days in Azenhas do Mar, a very small village 340km South from Porto and 40km North from Lisbon. This area has vertiginous cliffs with amazing sea views. I really fell in love with the local vegetation, specially with the huge agaves that give any spot a very unique touch.

As you may know I'm an architect and I was happily surprised, when after posting this picture, one of our IG followers let me know that this gorgeous house is called "A Casa Branca" or "Casa do Marco" it was designed by the Portuguese architect Raul Lino, (1879-1974), built in 1920 and it was his own summer house!

What about your summer? 

Sending you a salty hug, barefoot and smelling like sunscreen :)