Team Work

Today I would like to tell you about how important Team Work is for Severina Kids.

As many of you may already know, I was born in Argentina, within a typical Italian family. In the same way that in 1932 my grandparents left their home country looking for a chance of a better future, my husband and I left our home town Buenos Aires more than 16 years ago now.

Living abroad and raising a boy is a fantastic adventure; sometimes it is hard, but I don’t regret our choice and actually enjoy living this kind of life quite a lot.

But in terms of my professional life as a designer and entrepreneur, moving countries is a different thing. In order for your brand and business to grow,  you need to settle down. However, it is not our time to put down roots again yet…

Because of this, learning how to build a team -the perfect team for me and Severina Kids- has been a key point in my entrepreneur life. Learn how to select the right person for each task, and how to delegate and trust in the capacity of others was the first step to start growing again. Not just as a business, but to grow in every possible way.

Severina's collaborators and I are based in 3 different countries. We have a time difference of about six hours in the best case scenario, yet we have learnt to overcome the obstacles and work as a team!

The secret is that we all love what we do; we take care of all the details, even the most insignificant ones.  We love when a client write to us saying that their little one is happy with its new toy, because this is the reason why we all work together as a team.

And I can assure you today that Team Work pays off!