A couple of days ago I was involved in a conversation regarding the prices of the handmade products like mine.

I think that as a creative person, who since I can recall, was always making handmade stuff like embroidering or knitting or designing things; it is natural for me to appreciate the handmade items, knowing in a intuitive way the huge effort and hours expent just to make one simple piece.

But also I should understand that for people who have never been involved in this kind of creations, it could be not so easy to appreciate the whole process.

So, sorry for writing so long here today, but please every time you browse online and find handmade pieces like the Severina Kids ones have it in mind.

Please stop one minute to think that just for producing one of our hand knitted cats there are at least five people involved: One knits the piece, other embroiders and assembles it, a third one makes the labels, another makes the packaging cotton bag and a fifth one makes the leather collar. Ohh ohhh…and I forgot to tell you that I prepare your parcel myself and my friends from UPS come to pick the parcel up and they take care of delivering it on time to your door. And I do not bore you talking about the taxes we pay for every piece sold, plus fixed expenses and what means being a small and independent brand.

Which is a fair price for you?