Severina Kids Halloween Decorations Set

Halloween Home Decor Set

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Hand painted by our founder and Creative Director Alejandra Salvatore, this printable set contains a variety of designs to create your personal Halloween decor and bring home a touch of joy to cheer us up during these difficult times.

Print the different designs we made to compose your garlands and play with the posters included, placing them as background to create a perfect total look. Finally, use candles or lights to add warmth to the composition.

Compose the garland using old yarns, wire, beads or ribbons you may find at home and play with foliage or dried branches.

The skulls and pumpkins toppers are ideal to decorate our treats, cupcakes or combine them on top of a cake.


BOO text Garland A4 size

BOO poster A4 size

Skulls Garland or Decorations A4 size

Skulls cupcake toppers A4 size

Pumpkins Garland or Decorations A4 size

Pumpkins cupcake toppers A4 size

Deadly candies garland A4 size

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